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Schedule a free coaching mini-session with me:

  • 15-30 minutes
  • Live video call through Zoom
  • I ask you about your story
  • You ask me whatever questions you have
  • If you want, I tell you about my coaching program
  • No pressure. No obligation.

Click here to schedule your mini-session: Let’s go.

What is a Mini-Session Exactly?

A mini-session, which is totally free, can help you decide if you want to take this work to the next level by working with a coach. It is online and can be done from any location you want.

This work can most definitely be done on your own, but I highly recommend you consider doing it with someone to support you. There is something powerful about having someone on your side to help you navigate the waters of stopping looking at pornography.

Often, a coach is just what you need to keep you accountable to the work and also to help you see patterns that might be “too close” and familiar to recognize. We all have blind spots.

The call will last 15-30 minutes and is simply a conversation about where you are now, where you want to go, and how I might be able to help you get the result you want through my How to Stop Looking at Porn Program.

Scheduling it is really easy. Just choose a time slot that works for you. There are a few optional questions that can give me an idea where you are at with things. Skip the questions if you want.

If it feels hard to take this step, don’t feel bad. Your brain is designed to resist change and hang on to its’ continued access to those big amounts of dopamine from porn and masturbation.

But if you are reading this, there is probably part of you that really wants change. Learning to trust that part of your brain (prefrontal cortex) is a crucial part of this process.

Notice the resistance, tell yourself it’s okay, and take that step forward in the direction you really want.

Book an appointment with me here.

Or email me directly for an appointment at

See you soon.



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