Can You Relate?

I honestly don’t want to have pornography be a part of my life. Yet I still turn to it sometimes.

I’m trying to do everything right but can’t get this right.

I have stretches without pornography. But in my mind, it is just a matter of time before I will end up turning to it again. Despite my best efforts.

I want to give it up. But part of me worries what will happen if I do?

I’ve tried therapy and 12 steps and everything I can think of but I still feel stuck.

I want help so badly but there’s no way I’m asking for it. The fallout will be too big. I’ll just handle it on my own.

I just need to pray, read the scriptures, talk to my bishop, and go to the temple more. Then I’ll be able to stop this.

At one point, church had become such a negative experience for me that I stopped praying or reading the scriptures.

Shame. Secrets. Unworthy. Inadequate. Incapable. Hopeless. Helpless.

And you fail again. And again. And again.

With Life Coaching Skills

My desire for pornography has decreased.

My urges that demand pornography have reduced in frequency and intensity.

My anxiety and depression have decreased.

I know how to sit with an urge and process it without giving in.

I can feel and manage whatever feelings come my way.

I am authentic and vulnerable in my marriage and our relationship is better than ever.

These highly effective skills are spilling over to other areas of my life. I have blown my own mind.

A life free from pornography.

Confidence. Worthiness. Strength. Self-acceptance. Self-compassion. Courage.

This can be you. Let me show you how.

Find out how to work with me: click here.

Of course you have struggled with this! What you have learned and how you have been taught has led you here. You have done the best you know how, but the results you want are not happening.

Continue in the same way → same results.

Try a new way → new results.

Your problem with pornography all starts in your brain. Let’s stop resisting this and work with your brain the way that it is designed.

These are science-based cognitive principles that we are working with here. You will rewire your brain and train it to think in new ways for new results.

If it’s what you are wanting, You can take your experience with church to the next level.

Having someone to coach you through it makes all the difference when you get stuck. It’s a game changer!

Find out how to work with me: click here.

Now is as good a time as ever to start changing your life for the better. Let’s reclaim your confidence and get you the results you want.



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