Examine and Own Your Good Feelings Too

Sometimes I only do coaching models on myself when I’m feeling something I don’t like.

And it helps.

Then I start feeling better at some point.

But I don’t always want to look super closely at why I’m feeling good.

It’s like I don’t want to spoil it by looking at it too closely.

We naturally attribute our feelings to our actions (accomplishments, achievements, choices we made) or to our circumstances (money, someone else’s actions/words/choices, work, relationships, our past).

When feeling crappy, I’ve definitely known that it is very empowering for me to recognize that the feeling is coming from a thought and not from actions or circumstances.

Also, understanding that the thought causing the feeling is a choice is extremely useful (hard to believe a lot of times!).

I’ve practiced this a lot. It helps me pretty much every time I sit down and practice it, whether by myself or with a coach. The effects are profound.

But I haven’t done it as much when I’m feeling good.

I’ve realized it is just as important to practice seeing that my good feelings come from a thought I’m thinking and not from actions or circumstances. And that the thought creating that good feeling is a choice.

If I like a certain feeling, and think I may want to repeat this feeling again later, wouldn’t it be helpful to become totally aware of exactly what is causing that feeling?

If a feeling is really useful to me, don’t I want to have an idea of how to intentionally create that feeling?

What if owning that it is a choice to think a thought that creates a positive feeling, is just as important as with negative feelings?

So I’m doing more coaching models on my positive feelings. And it’s already making a difference.

A feeling is always caused by a thought you are thinking in that exact moment. Not a past thought. Not a future thought. But a thought in the present.

This is true whether the feeling is positive or negative.

Money does not create your feelings. Your thoughts about money do.

People don’t create your feelings. Your thoughts about people do.

Choosing to look at porn doesn’t create your feelings. Your thoughts about your choice to look at porn do.

There’s Intellectual and Then There’s Practical

It’s one thing to hear this and understand the concept intellectually. It is another to actually hit the pavement and break it down one thought at a time with a coaching model.

Understanding the concept will help.

Practicing it with your own thoughts/feelings in a systematic, specific way is life changing.

Everything of consequence in your life either starts in your brain or has to pass through your brain at some point.

Do you give your brain-care the attention you’d like to?

You can literally change your brain, step by step, letting non-useful neural pathways recede while creating new neural pathways that get you the life and results you want.

What a beautiful thing!

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